Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Battenkill on a grey day.

50  F  cloudy

This was yesterday, the winter solstice, we've had record warm weather so it hasn't felt like the winter has started.  I usually have a fire, bake some bread, and bundle up to go out, not this year, not yet at least.  I have been taking stock in life nonetheless, the treasure I have, this painting life, how many people get to live like this?  Even the trials and tribulations of life, how else would I be able to see to measure?  

The scene at the start.

About 1/2 way through

I wasn't finished until I put in the trees,  #682  Battenkill @ Dahowa Hydro  12-21-15  8x10

It's a short walk to the water down from the parking place.

Ollie leading the way.

My pallet.

My spot.

I wanted to go down this way, but the signs looked too intimidating, the parking area is right to the left.

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