Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wait's Hill Rd. Doubts

46  F

       This is a favorite spot, and the color that bounced off the fields was spectacular, not usual for December, so I doubled back to paint here. But as often is the case, I'm not sure How I feel about this.  I chose to paint a 14 x 16, it was warm, so why not?  but had to move that paint on because the shadows were moving fast, (when don't they?).  So some parts work and others, maybe not. The foreground is right at my feet, very close, and it was difficult to see with the middle ground, although I really liked the trees on the left, and they went with the foreground.  That's how it's played, go out, follow a hunch, then wonder how it worked.  When I'm promoting myself, self doubt is counter to the task, but it looms large in my thoughts, who said painting pictures was a daisy farm?  Even if there was such a thing as a "Masterwork"  would you expect  one everyday? month? year? am I even a good judge of my own work? probably not. So there you have it, the truth is I have to push myself out the door some times, and fight to remember what the hell I was thinking, so if there is any saving grace it's shrouded in doubt and angst.

The scene at the start.

The "Money Shot"

#674 Wait's Hill Rd.




I had some company.

Looking down the road.

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