Sunday, December 13, 2015

Watching the river flow: Eagleville.

36  F   sun to clouds.

       On occasion I just want to hear and feel the flow of water, yesterday was one of them.  I needed to get away from the constant tug of dumb little things, as well as some pretty great ones: Hope was dancing and playing trumpet for the Holiday breakfast at Hubbard Hall, Alane and Emma were on a day trip to the city, so I was responsible for getting here there and taking photos and movies of the event, indeed it was wonderful! So all those "other" things that add up to distractions and worst of all missing the best light the day has to offer.

       By the time I was approaching the end of the session, the clouds had moved in and fundamentally changed my scene, the disconcerting part of this is that I didn't even notice until around the time I took this photo, by that time the high contrast had gone and there was way too much competition with the light on the rocks.

I've been here a number of times, that place where I see the "fatal flaw" that being the triangular rock mass on the left, and ask myself, "why not just change it now?"  If I could step out of myself, I might see the good in it as well, left alone, or I might just let it be and go on with things, and this is how I roll, I'll just go on with things the way they are.

#676  Battenkill @ Eagleville,  12-12-15  9x12   $400

  This is the best photo of Hope that I got, and it doesn't capture her actually dancing or trumpeting. She is an artist as well, and her ability to turn movement into art captivates me, I know I'm biased, being her dad, but I'm also committed to aiding her love of movement in any way I can.

Later I was able to paint another batch of frames. I'll be taking a dozen paintings to "La Flammes" furniture store in Bennington.  I met with the owner a few weeks ago and he was excited to put some of my paintings on the walls for sale, I think it could work, so I'll pick out 12 paintings, put them in frames, make an inventory and price list and take them over on Monday.

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