Thursday, January 28, 2016

2 days 3 paintings.

warm and mostly sunny.

             The last two days I got three paintings done.  All three sessions were cut short by changing light conditions, two when clouds covered the sun, another when the sun hit my panel.  This is the life of a landscape painter, I never know what my light is going to do and I've put my faith in painting the here and now, not even trying to make things up, so I take it all in stride, I'm pleased I got some paint flowing, but think my results were not fully baked.

#703  White Creek Lane



This is Center White Creek, and the Center White Creek Baptist Church.  I liked the bright white light off the building.

      This morning I took Hope to school, she missed the bus, and I saw the white of the Cambridge United Presbyterian Church, so dramatic, I returned as soon as I could to get this.

By the time I returned, maybe 1/2 hour, I took this photo, and some of the punch was gone, but it was still a good scene.

Light moves fast, and it moved right onto my panel.

#704 S. Park St. (rte 22)



     I found this in the afternoon, and like yesterday, the clouds came before I finished.

This is the scene at the end of my session, there really was light at the start.

#705  Dunbar Rd.



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