Thursday, January 21, 2016

Along the Walloomsac River, North Hoosick, NY.

31  F   mostly sunny

          There are times when one thing seems to cancel out another thing, the horizontal and the vertical. the round and the square, the grey and the bright saturated colors.  I'm never sure what prevails, they always seem to end in a kind of truce, and maybe that's just OK, because they justify each other and if nothing else, the remains document the struggles of each. Only to be picked  up the next day.  If I'm being a little obtuse, please forgive me, my world is pretty strait forward, my days bleed one to another: I like being surrounded by the familiar, then I head down the road to find the next subject, and the reality of this fight, this struggle reveals itself, and you can see it plain as day, and here it is:

#699 Factory Hill Rd. N. Hoosick, NY.



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