Monday, January 11, 2016


24  F  Gusty, 25 mph!

     The light was beautiful today, bright and clear, but the gusting wind blew my easel over twice, and I had to hang onto it countless times, so it was a little challenging.

I started out looking for a view of the water tower, but the strong light on the buildings in the downtown took my attention. This scene, with Hubbard Hall's turret and the steeple of Embury Methodist church,  along with the light on the back of the buildings, the trees etc, I just had to eliminate the fence and break the railroad tracks to have a way to get into the scene,

Somewhere in the middle of my session, I had most of the bright lights and the very darkest tones.

The "Money Shot"

#693  Backlots from R.R. Ave.



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