Thursday, January 14, 2016

Conley Rd, revisited.

23  F  more clouds than sun, a little breezy....

                                              #696 Conley Rd.     1-14-16   7x10

      I woke up this morning after a bunch of weird dreams, dreams I've forgotten or rather never fully recalled. In those first foggy moments in the morning, when the life of the dream is still potent and moving to go about the day are commingled, it feels like an edge, not quite fully engaged, and maybe a little dangerous.  I like this time of the day.  I might think I'd want to stay in bed, but that's predictable, and some of the best plans come from this.

I started with a purplish ground, and a little sun on the panel,

I can work with the same pallet for a long time, it stays wet in the freezing temps.

Thanks for reading my blog! Here is the post from May 8, 2015 the day I first painted this scene.

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