Friday, January 22, 2016

Hoosic River, Hoosick Falls, NY.

21  F  hazy to fully overcast, a little wind.

          I painted here in Hoosick Falls, NY. where I got this scene: a river with two bridges over it. After, I took down the show at South Street Cafe' in Bennington, Vt.  It's often a let down, so easy just take them off the wall, put them in boxes, load them into the van. All the planning, picking out the work, the inventory, the price list, and the hanging are things of the installation, with all the hopes and expectations.  Overall it wasn't bad, although no sales came from it, I did get a lot of positive feedback, so that's worth a little something to me.  So another painting, and another show, none out the door. Oh well, there are a lot of things coming up, so pushing through the shows is much like pushing through the paintings, you just gotta keep them going no matter what, and then all over again. Thanks for letting me drag you along, more tomorrow (or maybe the day after).

It got cloudy by the end of my session.

Sight-size shot.

It was cold and windy too!

   The "Money Shot"  

   #700  Hoosic River @ Hoosick Falls.     1-22-16      9x12 

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