Friday, January 1, 2016

looking back......

32 F  cloudy with snow flurries.

       Today I didn't paint, I barely got out of the house.  Me, Alane and Hope played a game of  "Ticket to Ride" and I spent a frustrating 2 hours or more trying to get a paypal card reader to work, I lost and it didn't, but that doesn't matter much. It was a sleepy day, and I had time to think a little, to have a  day mirroring the external grey.  Life ebbs and flows, you can't be happy without knowing sadness, we want success, but would we know it (or like it) if we had it?  If I had all day to paint and had some one to sell my work, and had the money to do whatever I wanted, would I be any happier? would I make better paintings?  I don't think so, my first job as husband and father is my most important and is not negotiable, and I'm happy with that, I take pride in family, and the people they are and my role in their lives.  I would drop some of the other stuff,  landlording, house repair, window restoration. I've learned a lot from these things and wouldn't be who I am without it: a life of making things work, fixing things, working for people has shaped me into who I am today......not that I don't appreciate all that I have.  So this first day of 2016, to quote U2  "nothing changes on new year's day"

Here are a few of my favorites from 2015,

 #482 Hudson River, River Rd. Ft. Edward.      2-24-15     11x14

 #498  Mohawk River from Cohoes       3-29-15      12x16

 #533 Battenkill @ S.R. 29      5-24-15       12x16

#627  Coila Rd.       9-24-15        8x10

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