Wednesday, January 20, 2016

North Park Street, looking South.

22 F  sunny, no wind.

     Black and white, yes or no, on or off, life can be much easier if we have one or the other, without too many nuances, too many complications.  A world can be known without a lot of grey areas.  I'm drawn in, the bright light against the dark, colorless, easy.  But wait, there are edges, there is a little mixing of the black and the white, and there are complications.  


     It was a lovely day, sun without wind felt like a holiday from yesterday, and I'm liking the village scenes during this time of the year.  This view, looking South towards the traffic light (there is only one in this town) had the bright light of the sky with the reflection off the road, and the dark shadows of the Presbyterian Church, houses, trees, etc....  I've done this view, but farther back, so I'm closing in on the center of town, and farther from my comfort zone.

    The "Money Shot"

#698 N. Park St.




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