Monday, January 25, 2016

Park Place, Cambridge, NY.

32  hazy, no wind.

          I get on kicks, where I'm fascinated with a type of place, or a certain motif, and now it's village scenes with a church, (and maybe a car or two).  I've done rail yards, bridges, farms, fields, mountains, roads, lakes, etc....and have had similar obsessional infatuations.  Certain tones seem to prevail as well, or maybe it's that the light takes on specific seasonal characteristics, and certain colors permeate the landscape and become inescapable.  These threads of color, composition, subject matter and overall "look"  ebb and flow in a seemingly natural path, from painting to painting and I let it, I actually don't think about it much, or haven't, and that's good.

There are two gas pumps, the Cumby's and the Stewarts in the center.

Sight-size shot.

#702  Park Place.



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