Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Waiting at the station.

17  F  clear.

      It was cold a clear today, the atmosphere, the colors, the edges all look and feel different in the cold.  The outdoors becomes a place that's potentially dangerous, so going out in it is much more of an adventure, it must be prepared for and planned, at least a little.  This place is right down the street in my village, it's also protected from the wind, not that there was much, but even a little will make it feel a lot colder.

    The sun started out in an in-convenient spot.

The first challenge was to try and get the white on the panel to even come close to the brightness of light off the snow in the scene,  everything else had to be a lot darker, not completely easy to pull off.

This is the "sight-size shot" a lot of people ask how I paint, it's more how I look: where the panel is lined up right next to the scene and a view point is fixed so that the two (scene and panel) can be seen together, and you can glance back and forth between the two and the process of painting is the process of correcting the picture.

#689 Passenger station



Today's pallet.

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