Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Winter is here in the town and in the country!

20  F  mostly sunny, some wind.

     The light was so delicious today, with a couple of inches of fresh snow and mostly sunny skies.  I don't like to paint cloudy days, so often I just don't, but  fresh snow and the sun out it's hard not to follow along. The cold was another factor; in the A.M. I was in the sun and my van acted as a wind break, I was comfortable, even my hands. But my late afternoon paint, even though the temperature rose by a few degrees, was in the shade, my hands were tingling before an hour went by.  So it's not really possible to focus and fuss the same way as on a nice summer's day.  That doesn't mean it's not a good day to paint, it means I learn to do the basics, try and get the tones, the shades, and the general.  Try to keep my hands from shaking, the cold is depicted in that too.  When I brought them home and looked at them, my first reaction is "unfinished" but I'll look at them some more and see what happened and maybe actually like them.....

I've painted along this road a number of times. Like so many days I drive around looking at scenes, so many beautiful places, but it still takes me a long time to find just the right one.  On a day like today, the wind is a factor so I look for low, sheltered places, and I like to have the light to the side, like this scene, even though I break these rules often.

#694  Old Cambridge Rd.



     Out of my comfort zone,  just down the street from my house, the large building in the center is Ed Levin Jewelry, (I was their handiman many years ago) and the I.G.A., (a.k.a.Shurfine) and it's parking lot.  I shop here just about every day, so I should know the light.  I guess I'm feeling I'd like to paint what is familiar to me, and this place is familiar to me, and the end of the day light is beautiful, and I see it everyday, would it not behoove me to paint this scene?

   It's kind of a mess, and part of that may be that I need to do more of these: just off  main street village scenes, and get their rhythm, and their vibe, and if I do a lot of something maybe one will come out OK.

The Money Shot from this afternoon, I had lost my light and the cold got me less than one hour.

#695  S.  Union St.



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