Sunday, February 7, 2016

3 days 4 paintings; Self doubt: drive thru.


     I often find myself setting out to paint with no idea about what I want, and not only that, conflicting voices in my head: do I paint in a desolate or village location? the intimate or the big picture? the beautiful or the sublime?    While these questions seem easy,  I'm thinking they are not and am racked with doubt. I don't know why, I think, rationally I should be beyond this, but they're always following me around, pulling at me, these demons.   I get in the van, stop thinking, turn on the radio, and drive.

     It was a good three days, the light was lovely, with sun and shadows, although the warm weather made it easier, there is no snow and doesn't feel like winter in Upstate New York.

Warm and clear, this afternoon.

     #711  Covered Bridge Museum, Shushan, NY.  2-7-16  8x10

On the right is the covered Bridge Museum, the new bridge is County Route 61

My pallet.

The "Money Shot"

Above the door of the museum.

This morning, (also warm and clear)

    #710  Eagle Bridge, rail yard.  2-7-16   9x12

Nice light!

This was yesterday, Saturday, in the morning, before a shopping trip.

     #709  Cty Rte 62.    2-6-16   8x10  

It was hazy and bright out early.

Not a good photo.

This was Friday afternoon on English Rd. 

        #708 English Rd.   2-5-16   12x16

I liked the junk cars and farm equipment in the hedge row.

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