Monday, February 29, 2016


      This is the scene at the Saratoga Springs City Center last night during the take down.  The show, an adjunct to the home show organized by the Rotary, was three days, 20 hours, and a wash. I had one sale, (to a painter I know and respect), otherwise it was lots of talking, and more talking, and at times lots and lots of people walking by.  I made friends with some of my fellow painters and had some special visitors, all nice. But there may have been a reason I had my fears of doing a show like this, so risky, so public, so much a marketplace.  Not only was it an exhausting task, from building my booth, packing, installing, manning it, etc. This was the first of this type of show I've ever done, and it might be my last.  It may be that it was their first art show as well or it just wasn't the right fit, with the mix of crafts, wine, etc... If I never do a show like this again it won't be from the fear of the market place, it will be for the calculation of it's lack of profitability.

This morning.

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