Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hoosick Falls and Coila; making hay.

21  F  sunny, a little wind.

                               Making hay while the sun shines, is a farmer's expression and it applies to a lot of things, and painting for me is one of those things. I don't like painting when it's overcast, the light flat and  and the shadows, practically non-existent.  The month has been cloudy, rainy, windy, so when the forecast was for sun, reasonable temperatures and little wind, I ditched some of the things that I can do on cloudy days.  Shop work and basement insulation can wait.

I don't like doing "Portraits" of houses or buildings, I would suppose that this might be one, but it's also a street scene, and the light and shadows also have a narrative.

The old "American House" has seen better days, I remember having lunch there when I rented space in the "Specialty Building" to the immediate right, also now abandon.  This was in 1988- 90.

#715  R.R. Ave, Hoosick Falls, NY.



This is a scene I decided not to paint, I'll often stop and walk around in an area looking for just the right place, and I didn't like the pattern of shadowed building, like they were marching down the road, so I moved. Still there are a lot more pictures to paint in this neighborhood.

There was  more beautiful light in the afternoon, so after I picked up Hope from skiing, I had time to paint here, along Coila Rd., right down the street from my house.

This was extremely quick.

#716  Coila Rd.



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