Monday, February 15, 2016

Hudson River @ Fort Edward, following hunches.

7  F  cloudy, no wind.

       On a hunch I went up to the Hudson River at Ft. Edward, about 1/2 hour drive North because I wanted to paint some black water and some ice, I did find it, in a location that I've painted before, but the 11 degree temperature in Cambridge turned into 7 degrees in Ft, Edward.   The clouds thickened and it snowed toward the end of my session. That happens a lot in this line of work.  I'll be following a hunch, I'll want a particular scene or place, and some other factors come into play that undermine (or so I think) the potential of the painting. Today the cold, while not unexpected was more extreme that I was prepared for and I got cold, a cold that sunk into my feet and my hands, so by the time I was in the mid session they felt tingly and my game was off.  Last year I was in the swing of this routine and was able to get out and paint. This winter has been relatively mild so I'm not full game, I'm not sure if this was detrimental to the results, or just a response to the world as it is, and maybe that's just fine, and maybe time will tell and judge the work along other lines, maybe it is a testimony to randomness or a record of the day.  Making art is full of mystery and unknowns.


Two bridges over the Hudson.

#714  Hudson River from Rodger's Island, Fort Edward, NY.



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