Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pencil Creek @ Duel Hollow Rd. MY NEW EASEL !!!

42  F  mostly sunny.

            I went out not knowing what I wanted and came here, to a favorite spot, and it was perfect.

There was more contrast when I started.

Sight-size shot.

#707  Pencil Creek @ Duel Hollow Rd.



       I spent the last few days doing my taxes, the same way I've done it (thirty years, +).  I take the receipts from the cardboard box that I've thrown them in during the previous year and I add up the numbers, then I meet with my accountant who makes sense of it all.  He suggested I learn quickbooks, but that's not going to happen.   How much of our lives are based on what we've constructed for ourselves, what is comfortable, what we know?  How much do we need variation from this norm to make life interesting, to grow and change?  We all need balance, and finding the sweet spot maybe one of the most important things in life and art. Asking the right questions, knowing how much to keep constant, and how much to change. Speaking of change:

Here is my new field easel.

I used tongue and groove oak flooring for the legs, then captured them with pipe clamps.

I used a piece of copper pipe to make the sliding leg captures. it took some sanding and wax to get them to move freely.

The top holder has the same design as the legs, I had wanted to be able to get the panel higher than my old easel, and to have the panel held straight up, I'll have to experiment with setting it up better, but it worked well today even with a few gusts of wind.

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