Thursday, March 3, 2016

2 fer Thursday!

27  F  sunny!

         #722 Hoosic River @ Buskirk  3-3-16  14x16

        I drove south to Buskirk and found the side of the bridge with bright light on it, a challenge if I ever saw one, this is what I did.

My scene at the start.

I had a dark tone to start, and out down the bright red of the bridge, probably about the same value of as the sky.

This photo illustrates the difference between painting with the panel in the sun and the shade, the van is providing the shade, but your eye has to adjust to the level of light.

The Money Shot from today.

The sight-size shot.

Later in the afternoon I drove North on Rt. 22 and found this.

The sun was going down right in my field of vision.

The predominantly horizontal lines dominated and I generally steer away from them, I was able to break a few of them, so maybe that helped.

#723  Cty Rt. 64 @  22   3-3-16  7x10

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