Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hoosick Falls with sunshine.

54  F  sunny,

            #730  R.R. Ave. Hoosick Falls, NY.  3-16-16  12x16

I liked the dark shadows but lost them after a while.


I quit here because I the light had fundamentally changed and I just couldn't pretend anymore.

My scene at the start, complete with freight train.

The sight-size shot, showing how the scene had changed.  The utility truck parked there just at the right time for me to include it, then left.

     It was one of those days when the sun warms you like a snake on a rock, it felt good.  Maybe that's all you need, even though I spend a lot of time and energy finding what I want to paint, with countless things of interest,  big picture, intimate subjects, natural, man-made, beautiful, sublime.  I question it all, question it to the core, and when I'm done I want to sleep and forget, and see what the next day will bring.  Thanks for reading my blog, I know my musings might verge on the insane, on questions that asks for answers that can't be made, so I appreciate your patience and understanding! 

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