Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hudson River @ Stillwater

58  F  sunny, then clouds.

      #731  Hudson River @ Stillwater     3-17-16   11x14

My scene.

My spot and set up, just a few feet from my van.

        Again, it took me a long time and a lot of driving around to get to this spot, I've never painted this scene, but I painted just down the road this summer.  I wish I could just decide where to go and paint, but I wander, and think too much about subject, about place and all of that stuff, and the light is always different, so I fell back on a familiar type of bridge over the Hudson picture, even though I wanted a town scene with sunshine on a white painted building. In all fairness I looked, but didn't find the exact example of what I was looking for, so maybe I have more bridges in my system to do, and maybe that's just fine.  There is tomorrow (or the next day if it rains!)

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