Monday, March 21, 2016

In the shadows of Salem, NY.

45  sunny with a few clouds

        #735  Vail Rd, Salem, NY.  3-21-16  12x16

                                Salem had an industrial past, hidden on the back streets.

      I follow my hunches, and if there is an idea I want to explore, I go ahead. Often times that leads me to some pretty poorly done work, other times it leads me to some cool stuff, today I don't even know where it lead me, at first I thought it was pretty bad, but I got it home ant I thought it was just a little bad, but had some thing worthy of future exploration.  The shadow was very dominant, but within the shadow was at least a little explanation, there was some indication of the windows, the paint, the pole, etc,  even if the contrast to the light was way bigger.

   As always thanks for reading my blog!  feel free to ask questions or leave a comment, thanks!

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