Sunday, April 24, 2016

2 days, 2 paintings and a few words on the Genocide.

50  F  sunny

    Today is the 101st. Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide I went to church and was going to write something about how lucky I am to have the life that I have, how I wouldn't be here if my Grandparents hadn't survived the Genocide, and how the modern Turkish government denies it's brutal past despite the overwhelming facts. I'd write about all this from the safety of my home, with my family,  and I'm glad not to live in a country that can't face it's past, that doesn't have freedom of speech, or the protections we enjoy here. To my Turkish brothers and sisters, I'd say you only deny yourselves,  and you are still living the genocide, with all it's brutality and lies and horrors. It doesn't have to be that way and I hope someday you will do the right thing, for yourselves if not for the rest of us.

So I went out painting.

              The golden hour was slightly compromised with some end of the day haze, but a beautiful scene nonetheless.

 #760  Cooke Hollow Rd. @  Meetinghouse Rd. Easton, NY.



Yesterday,  me and Ollie went to the river.

A lot of water goes under this bridge.......

Sorry about the glare.

         #759  Battenkill @ Rt. 22 bridge, Salem, NY.  4-23-16  11x14

A nice spot that I've driven by a lot.

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