Saturday, April 16, 2016

3 days 5 paintings, look into the light!

The skies have been clear and sunny.

#750  Cty rte. 60, Jackson, NY.    4-14-16    9x12

The light on this said "paint me".

That was the morning of Thursday,  later that day......

               #751  Hoosic River @ Buskirk's Bridge,   4-14-16   8x10

I came back to this scene.

The Money Shot.

Friday morning I got out before taking Emma for her road test for her driver's licence.

      #752  Park Place, Cambridge, NY.     4-15-16    11x12

This "backlot" scene, is becoming a favorite.

Some progress shots.

Later on Friday.......

I found this scene on Duel Hollow Rd. near Turnpike Rd.

Sometimes I think you just have to get paintings out of your system before you can get beyond them, this is one of those.

    #753  Duel Hollow @ Turnpike.    4-15-16     7x10

    I came here this morning,

A popular spot, I needed to be near the river this morning (I was hung-over from partying last night)

#754  Battenkill @ Battenville.



I carried down to my painting spot, not far, but in one carry.

Please excuse the sparse commentary.  I really do have more words in me but I'm overwhelmed by all the things laid out for me right now and I'm loving going out to paint sometimes twice on these beautiful sunny days!

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