Saturday, May 21, 2016

Austin St. Newtonville, MA. my old home town!

65  F Mostly sunny.

    #772  Austin St. Newtonville, MA.   5-20-16   11x12

    I've gone to visit my family in Newton, every week for the last few weeks while dad's been in Rehab. I spend a little time with him, mom and doing errands, etc,  I got out this morning.
This is downtown Newtonville, the Star Market (as I know it) is on the left. I'm not sure what the building in the center is.  I grew up maybe a 1/4 mile from this place. It was in 1965 when we moved here. they are in the same house.

               There was a lot of light, and the darkness of the building, the shadows and the sidewalk drew me to this spot.

My pallet.

      This scene is probably very similar to what it was when we moved here, as is my parent's house which hasn't changed much over the last 50 years. The city, and it is a city, is the proverbial leafy Boston suburb, the epicenter of the liberal elite, (of which I am a product) with large and ever more expensive houses, many have been there for a hundred years. Builders are buying "tear-downs", anything smaller or of later vintage and putting up million dollar houses.  Unlike my adopted hometown of Cambridge, NY, where you could buy 1/2 the town for that.

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