Thursday, May 19, 2016

King Road, pastoral on the edge.

66  F  clouds moved in.(yesterday)

         #771  King Rd. @ Oak Hill Rd.       5-18-16     11x14

      This month continues to surprise me. it seems I'm going from one quirky painting to the next, which is alright, even if they're not the best paintings, I'm branching out, although maybe not with this one,  here I needed to be in a quiet place, and put some paint on. It was getting cloudy, and it was the only time in days that I could go.

     The sky toward the North was the one place that had some clarity, and some blue, plus the hay had be cut, and was in rows, I liked that, even if I could hardly see and didn't get it.

       The scene has everything I want in pastoral scenes;  green, a road, field, hedgerow, old cornstalks,  and that feeling of being on the edge of things.

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