Thursday, May 12, 2016

Two bridges and a house, the familiar and the damned.

The last few days, weeks even have been a bit of a whirlwind, 5 window jobs have manifested themselves, my aging parents need some time and attention and they are out of state. Somehow I've managed to get out when I had sunshine. I love the sun in the morning, or evening, but I'll take it anytime if I must. So here is what I did the last three days:

         #769  County Route 60, Jackson, NY.     5-12-16    11x12

2nd time at this scene.

Yesterday I found this scene:


  #768 State Route 67 bridge, Valley Falls, NY.     5-11-16        12x16

Tuesday I had a different experience, I painted on this spot that's practically in the river.  


     This is the construction site that is the Johnsonville bridge.   The wrapped structure you see is the old trestle bridge, and the new construction is the new bridge.  The painting does not explain this, and maybe that's a problem, the confusion is about what you are looking at, it's subject and it's hard to make sense of it.  

  #767  Hoosic River@ Johnsonville bridge.         5-10-16       11x14 

     I've been thinking about finding new places and new motifs, seeing what happens with them. Sometimes they don't work. sometimes they need a re-visit or a re-think.  Other times I go right back to familiar places, sometimes it's to try and get what I had missed or to see what different light and different seasons look like.  It can all be maddening at times.  

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