Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Two bridges, one familiar one new.

84  F  some sun, some haze,

   #775  Hudson River, Troy, NY.     5-25-16    11x12

              This is the Collar City Bridge, in Troy, NY. It's a draw bridge which explains it's unique shape, it's also an icon of Troy.  I've wanted to paint it for some time, I got my chance today when I finished up a window job early,  although the clouds were in front of the sun, I don't get down this way to paint that often.

     The design comes first with large simple forms, dark and light.

     I alway wonder how much I really need, and what is extraneous, what tells the story and when do I start to fuss with it, when to quit.

                The Money Shot for this afternoon.

       This was done on Monday,  a familiar bridge.

           This is the scene, one I like a lot, still not sure what happened, an off day?

   #774  Battenkill @ Battenville.       5-23-16   9x12

      As always thank you for reading my blog!

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