Thursday, June 30, 2016

Finished May Paintings

      As you may have noticed, or not, my blogging has hit a lull.  For a number of reasons I've been unable to keep up, I have, however been painting as much as  possible, and although May was a lean month for painting, (below are 11 of 15 paintings)  I came back for June, the last week and a half of which I've yet to include in my running blog-posts. Oh, well!   As always thanks for reading/ looking at my blog, and feel free to comment, ask questions, etc......

#764  Duel Hollow Rd.       5-7-16      8x10

#765  Hoosic River @ eagle Bridge   5-8-16  14x16

 #766  Memorial Drive.        5-9-16      14x11

#768  State Route 67 bridge, Valley Falls, NY.       5-11-16      12x16

 #769  Cty Rte. 60  Jackson, NY.       5-12-16      11x12

 #770  Plains Rd.       5-16-16       9x12

 #771  King Rd. @ Oak Hill Rd.       5-18-16       11x14

 #772  Austin St., Newton, MA.       5-20-16        11x12

 #773  S. Union St.       5-20-16       12x16

 #775  Hudson River @ Troy      5-25-16       11x12

#777  Hudson River @ Rodger's Island       5-29-16    14x16

Sunday, June 19, 2016

This week's work: sun and long days.

     Life has continued to be back to back activities, another dance performance, two final soccer games, more window work.  But I didn't want to cut painting, I ended up cutting back on blogging so please forgive me, dear reader,  here is my work for this week:

              #786 Raefield Farm Rd.       6-14-16       14x16

                        #787  Hudson River @ Troy, NY.      6-15-16        9x12

                             #788  Tingue Rd.    6-16-16       9x12

                                        #789  English Rd.      6-16-16      7x10

                             #790  Salem St. Greenwich, NY.       6-17-16     10x8

                       #791   Battenkill @ Center Falls, NY.     6-18-16     9x12

                      #792   S. Cambridge Rd.         6-19-16     11x12

       So there they are, 7 paintings over 7 days, not too shabby, still it's felt like a whirlwind with a lot of other stuff crammed in, so yeah always room for improvement, always more to paint!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Last week's work:

It's been a bit of a crazy week, with the end of school, dance, soccer, work commitments, well, you get the idea, I got out to paint, in between the clouds and rain, the lighting, bright and crisp has, at times been spectacular. The foliage, is in it's full summer mode looking very lush, and that's just wonderful to be in, here is what I got this week.

      #781  Turnpike Rd. @ Duel Hollow Rd.     6-6-16   11x14


This photo doesn't do justice to the light in this scene.

    Later, last Monday, the light looked like this on Main St. Cambridge, NY.

     This is what I got.    #782  Main St,    6-6-16     10x8

#783  Bridge St.  Greenwich, NY.   6-9-16   11x12

This could have been a good picture............

    #784  Hoosic River, Buskirk, NY.    6-10-16   9x12

It seems like I'm re-visiting places and scenes I've done before, at least a few years, the light was phenomenal.

#785 Dunbar Rd.   6-11-16   11x14

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Out back, this morning.

70  F  sunny!

#780  Outback    6-4-16    8x10  

I found this outback this morning, I love the flox in the sun.

I'm not sure the light pink was good, and this went super quick!

I'm hosting my open studio right now......

Friday, June 3, 2016

Open Studio!!!!

Now,  we are open.  Friday, 5-8  Saturday, 10-6  Sunday,  12-4

   Chicken Nugget came to the opening early.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Along the battenkill and out the kitchen door. Yesterday

82  F  some clouds some sun

#778  The Battenkill @ Clarks Mills    6-1-16   11x12

       I've been down this side of the river a number of times, but not in this exact location, it gave me both a river and a factory including a reflection of the smokestack in the river, I liked that even if there may have been too much stuff in a relatively small panel.

          It wasn't a long hike down here, maybe a hundred yards or so from the parking area, I love places like this a few people, a good distance away, but mostly by myself.  My feet are still tingly so it feels weird to maneuver along the bank of the river, even with pretty well worn paths.

   "Money Shot"  for the morning.

   This is the view of my neighbors' house from just outside of my kitchen door, the light in the late afternoon offers a great play of light and dark, and I see this alot, so paint it, I must!

  #779  View from kitchen   6-1-16     9x12

    I think the lights are still not light enough and the darks are still not dark enough and that I fussed with it too much.

Tomorrow starts my Open Studio, I'll post photos of my studio/gallery as soon as I get it together, it's still a mess!