Thursday, June 2, 2016

Along the battenkill and out the kitchen door. Yesterday

82  F  some clouds some sun

#778  The Battenkill @ Clarks Mills    6-1-16   11x12

       I've been down this side of the river a number of times, but not in this exact location, it gave me both a river and a factory including a reflection of the smokestack in the river, I liked that even if there may have been too much stuff in a relatively small panel.

          It wasn't a long hike down here, maybe a hundred yards or so from the parking area, I love places like this a few people, a good distance away, but mostly by myself.  My feet are still tingly so it feels weird to maneuver along the bank of the river, even with pretty well worn paths.

   "Money Shot"  for the morning.

   This is the view of my neighbors' house from just outside of my kitchen door, the light in the late afternoon offers a great play of light and dark, and I see this alot, so paint it, I must!

  #779  View from kitchen   6-1-16     9x12

    I think the lights are still not light enough and the darks are still not dark enough and that I fussed with it too much.

Tomorrow starts my Open Studio, I'll post photos of my studio/gallery as soon as I get it together, it's still a mess!


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