Thursday, June 30, 2016

Finished May Paintings

      As you may have noticed, or not, my blogging has hit a lull.  For a number of reasons I've been unable to keep up, I have, however been painting as much as  possible, and although May was a lean month for painting, (below are 11 of 15 paintings)  I came back for June, the last week and a half of which I've yet to include in my running blog-posts. Oh, well!   As always thanks for reading/ looking at my blog, and feel free to comment, ask questions, etc......

#764  Duel Hollow Rd.       5-7-16      8x10

#765  Hoosic River @ eagle Bridge   5-8-16  14x16

 #766  Memorial Drive.        5-9-16      14x11

#768  State Route 67 bridge, Valley Falls, NY.       5-11-16      12x16

 #769  Cty Rte. 60  Jackson, NY.       5-12-16      11x12

 #770  Plains Rd.       5-16-16       9x12

 #771  King Rd. @ Oak Hill Rd.       5-18-16       11x14

 #772  Austin St., Newton, MA.       5-20-16        11x12

 #773  S. Union St.       5-20-16       12x16

 #775  Hudson River @ Troy      5-25-16       11x12

#777  Hudson River @ Rodger's Island       5-29-16    14x16

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