Sunday, June 12, 2016

Last week's work:

It's been a bit of a crazy week, with the end of school, dance, soccer, work commitments, well, you get the idea, I got out to paint, in between the clouds and rain, the lighting, bright and crisp has, at times been spectacular. The foliage, is in it's full summer mode looking very lush, and that's just wonderful to be in, here is what I got this week.

      #781  Turnpike Rd. @ Duel Hollow Rd.     6-6-16   11x14


This photo doesn't do justice to the light in this scene.

    Later, last Monday, the light looked like this on Main St. Cambridge, NY.

     This is what I got.    #782  Main St,    6-6-16     10x8

#783  Bridge St.  Greenwich, NY.   6-9-16   11x12

This could have been a good picture............

    #784  Hoosic River, Buskirk, NY.    6-10-16   9x12

It seems like I'm re-visiting places and scenes I've done before, at least a few years, the light was phenomenal.

#785 Dunbar Rd.   6-11-16   11x14

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