Sunday, June 19, 2016

This week's work: sun and long days.

     Life has continued to be back to back activities, another dance performance, two final soccer games, more window work.  But I didn't want to cut painting, I ended up cutting back on blogging so please forgive me, dear reader,  here is my work for this week:

              #786 Raefield Farm Rd.       6-14-16       14x16

                        #787  Hudson River @ Troy, NY.      6-15-16        9x12

                             #788  Tingue Rd.    6-16-16       9x12

                                        #789  English Rd.      6-16-16      7x10

                             #790  Salem St. Greenwich, NY.       6-17-16     10x8

                       #791   Battenkill @ Center Falls, NY.     6-18-16     9x12

                      #792   S. Cambridge Rd.         6-19-16     11x12

       So there they are, 7 paintings over 7 days, not too shabby, still it's felt like a whirlwind with a lot of other stuff crammed in, so yeah always room for improvement, always more to paint!

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