Sunday, July 24, 2016

Three for three

I was on a roll last week:


     #819  State Route 29  Schuylerville, NY      7-23-16     9x12

    I couldn't set on a scene yesterday morning, after driving by quite a lot of very good places, I inadvertently saw the morning light on this small edge of the village blue painted house. This house is for sale.

On Friday, I went out late, and ended up close to home in the village of Cambridge.

   A tree cut captivated the scene, especially with the light on the inside.

                      #818  Pearl St.        7-22-16       10x8

The photos are not the right color as the light was waning, and as in the above photo just about everything you see is for sale.

       This is Thursday eve, I wanted green, I got it!

      #817   McCart Rd.   7-21-16      11x14

So that's three days from last week, As always thanks for reading my blog, feel free to comment or ask questions!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Meetinghouse Rd. and Plains Rd. introducing black.

Today I got my new-old van out on the road, my old one needed a lot of work, so I found another.  It took some time. I've held that learning fluency in paint means focusing on keeping some things constant, and for me having my pallet stay constant has helped my really learn those color and come to use them almost automatically. But now I'm ready to explore a little.  The other day I listened to an interview of Joseph Mcgurl, who talked about not using black for 20 years, and then "discovered it".  I've been needing some change, so I thought, why not?   I've been wanting darker tones, and less color, and maybe black will help, the verdict is not out.

           #815   Meetinghouse Rd., Valley Falls, NY.           7-20-16         14x16

  Later in the evening.....

    #816 Legry's Rd @ Plains Rd.      7-20-16      9x12

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Right or left on Carney-Cassidy Rd. and 2 climb-ups in the Adirondacks.

I was feeling a little slow today, feeling the slog that comes from life's scuzz building up the way it does.  I took down the Roundhouse Cafe' show, and it was still a beautiful day, I needed to get out and paint despite the understanding that I'd not sold a single painting since December of last year.  I've decided that the impending implosion of our world was the ultimate reason; who would buy art while world war 3 is  breaking out?  None the less, I needed to get a fix, and my dealer is at large under the big blue, called up with the sound of pant slapping on panel.  Here is the fix:


   #814  Carney-Cassidy Rd. @ CR 61       7-17-16       12x16

My scene: an intersection, and a decision, East or West?

Two days ago saw an end of the day cloud from the dock on 6th Lake.

Sorry about this photo, it was getting dark....

#813  6th Lake cloud from dock



  Last Friday I didn't know where I wanted to go, it was pretty cloudy, and I hate that, so I ended up climbing one of the shortest, easiest trails around, Eagle Cliff in Eagle Bay, with a view of 4th Lake.

      #812 4th lake from Eagle Cliff, Eagle Bay, NY.   7-15-16    9x12

      Well, you get the idea......So on Tuesday the 12th of July I went to Glens Falls.

     #810  Glens Falls City Park, Glens Falls, NY.       7-12-16         11x12

            I went to Glens Falls because they invited painters to come to the park on Tuesdays, there was a band and a few other painters.  It was a lovely and mellow time, repeat Tuesday's until August 16.

Just a few notes on the day, ask questions, why not?

               The day before that, I was feeling up for a challenge, at least mentally, I had to push myself physically,  the fallout of some health stuff that's been slowly fading, thankfully, but this day proceeded that, so, yeah, I had a little scramble up.  This is at least the forth time up here to paint.

There is a lean-to up here, and a view of Big Moose Lake.

      #809  View of Big Moose Lake from Billy's Bald Spot.   7-11-17    12x16

A slightly better photo of it in the lean-to. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Finished June Paintings

   June was a productive month, I don't know how that happened, there were distractions, work, family, health, life etc...... I account for it by "stealing" some time here and there to get out and paint, also we had beautiful weather, so that didn't hurt.  Maybe the pressure, the time constraints aren't all that bad, forcing myself to paint something, and try to get the essence in a short, hurried time, maybe not.  Here are 23 from this month:

                                            #778 Battenkill @ Clarks Mills  6-1-16  11x12

                                                #779  View from kitchen  6-1-16  9x12

                                                        #780  Outback  6-4-16  8x10

                                    #781  Turnpike Rd. @ Duel Hollow Rd.  6-6-16  11x14

                                                        #782  Main St.  6-6-16  10x8

                                               #783  Bridge St.  Greenwich.  6-9-16  11x12

                                          #784 Hoosic River @  Buskirk  6-10-16  9x12

                                                   #785  Dunbar Rd.  6-11-16  11x14

                                              #786  Raefield Farm Rd.  6-14-16   14x16

                                           #787  Hudson River @ Troy, NY.  6-15-16  9x12

                                                   #788  Tingue Rd.  6-16-16  9x12

                                                       #789 English Rd. 6-16-16  7x10

                                            #790  Salem St.  Greenwich, NY.  6-17-16  10x8

                                            #791  Battenkill @ Center Falls.  6-18-16  9x12

                                                 #792  S. Cambridge Rd.  6-19-16  11x12

                                            #793  Near Battenkill, Battenville.  6-20-16  8x10

                                                      #794  Delavan Rd.  6-21-16  8x10

                                             #795  Beaver Pond, Inlet, NY.  6-23-16  8x10

                                        #796  Back Bay, 6th lake, Inlet, NY.  6-24-16  9x12

                                         #797  6th Lake, @ Dam, Inlet, NY.  6-24-16  11x12

                                                  #798  Old Cambridge Rd.  6-25-16  7x10

                                        #799  County route 61 Jackson, NY.  6-26-16  8x10

                                    #800  County Route 68, Post Corners, NY.  6-30-16  9x12