Thursday, July 7, 2016

Adirondacks and back, 15 paintings over 17 days, mega-blog!

      OK so I haven't blogged for quite a while, it's been lots of window work (more on this later), keeping up with the family and painting, so it seems that the blog and posts on FB and other web sites have been thrown to the wayside.  Please forgive me!  When I stared this blog I thought it might serve only to document my work, like a running visual diary, it's grown into much more, and feeding it has become a challenge, so I'll try to make it up now, or at least the documentation part, we'll see how the rest goes......

   Yesterday I went out in the morning.

This is the Battenkill by Skellie Rd.

     #807  Battenkill @ Skellie Rd.     7-6-16      11x14

The day before I went to the Buskirk Bridge, over the Hoosic River.  I've painted this scene before, and when I got here there was a brightly lit triangle of light that I knew I had to attempt again, but alas, it was gone in an instant, I lied about it and put it in anyway, I don't do that.

    #806 Hoosic River @ Buskirk       7-5-16     11x12

      This scene is right behind the Ball Cabin on 6th Lake.  Much of what I love about the Adirondacks are the intimate places that light up when the sun hits it.

                                 #804 Back Bay, 6th Lake        7-4-16      7x10

Immediately after that I turned and mover about 50 feet and did this:

                                #805  Back Bay 2       7-4-16       6x8

This place is next to the out house, yes we use one here at the cabin, I consider it lovely, really!  anyway the view of the lake through the trees sets up a dynamic arrangement of darks and lights, horizontal and vertical, and I liked that.

                               #803 6th Lake thru trees            7-3-16                  8x10

This is the beaver pond formally known as Hess Pond, about a 1/2 mile hike out back of the Ball Cabin.  It's one of my favorite spots, while not far you feel like it's really out there.

#802  Beaver Pond          7-3-16      11x12


There are places around here that you just have to find,  I had been here before, a spot where a tributary runs under the railroad and int the Battenkill, and knew it would be nice and cool and shady, just the place Ollie likes!

                                 #801  Battenkill, RR Bridge near Battenville    7-1-16     9x12

On the last day of June:

   #800  Cty Rte. 68, Post Corners (White Creek, NY)                 6-30-16                     9x12

                                 #799  Cty Rte 61, Jackson, NY             6-26-16               8x10

A terrible photo, not a bad painting, better one will come.

                                         #798   Old Cambridge Rd.       6-25-16         7x10

Sometimes these happen, I was going to scrape it off, but a reminder of what I did on this day might be helpful if I go back to this spot or have a similar challenge to face.

                                         #797   6th Lake from dam       6-24-16        11x12

Another fairy place, out in back of the Ball Cabin.

                               #796  Back bay (6th Lake)                 6-24-16                  9x12

The first Adirondack painting of the season!

   #795  Beaver Pond (6th Lake)                6-23-16                   8x10

    #794   Delavan Rd.                                 6-21-16                         8x10

                               #793  Near Battenkill, Battenville.      6-20-16              8x10  

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