Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Meetinghouse Rd. and Plains Rd. introducing black.

Today I got my new-old van out on the road, my old one needed a lot of work, so I found another.  It took some time. I've held that learning fluency in paint means focusing on keeping some things constant, and for me having my pallet stay constant has helped my really learn those color and come to use them almost automatically. But now I'm ready to explore a little.  The other day I listened to an interview of Joseph Mcgurl, who talked about not using black for 20 years, and then "discovered it".  I've been needing some change, so I thought, why not?   I've been wanting darker tones, and less color, and maybe black will help, the verdict is not out.

           #815   Meetinghouse Rd., Valley Falls, NY.           7-20-16         14x16

  Later in the evening.....

    #816 Legry's Rd @ Plains Rd.      7-20-16      9x12

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