Sunday, July 17, 2016

Right or left on Carney-Cassidy Rd. and 2 climb-ups in the Adirondacks.

I was feeling a little slow today, feeling the slog that comes from life's scuzz building up the way it does.  I took down the Roundhouse Cafe' show, and it was still a beautiful day, I needed to get out and paint despite the understanding that I'd not sold a single painting since December of last year.  I've decided that the impending implosion of our world was the ultimate reason; who would buy art while world war 3 is  breaking out?  None the less, I needed to get a fix, and my dealer is at large under the big blue, called up with the sound of pant slapping on panel.  Here is the fix:


   #814  Carney-Cassidy Rd. @ CR 61       7-17-16       12x16

My scene: an intersection, and a decision, East or West?

Two days ago saw an end of the day cloud from the dock on 6th Lake.

Sorry about this photo, it was getting dark....

#813  6th Lake cloud from dock



  Last Friday I didn't know where I wanted to go, it was pretty cloudy, and I hate that, so I ended up climbing one of the shortest, easiest trails around, Eagle Cliff in Eagle Bay, with a view of 4th Lake.

      #812 4th lake from Eagle Cliff, Eagle Bay, NY.   7-15-16    9x12

      Well, you get the idea......So on Tuesday the 12th of July I went to Glens Falls.

     #810  Glens Falls City Park, Glens Falls, NY.       7-12-16         11x12

            I went to Glens Falls because they invited painters to come to the park on Tuesdays, there was a band and a few other painters.  It was a lovely and mellow time, repeat Tuesday's until August 16.

Just a few notes on the day, ask questions, why not?

               The day before that, I was feeling up for a challenge, at least mentally, I had to push myself physically,  the fallout of some health stuff that's been slowly fading, thankfully, but this day proceeded that, so, yeah, I had a little scramble up.  This is at least the forth time up here to paint.

There is a lean-to up here, and a view of Big Moose Lake.

      #809  View of Big Moose Lake from Billy's Bald Spot.   7-11-17    12x16

A slightly better photo of it in the lean-to. 

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