Sunday, July 24, 2016

Three for three

I was on a roll last week:


     #819  State Route 29  Schuylerville, NY      7-23-16     9x12

    I couldn't set on a scene yesterday morning, after driving by quite a lot of very good places, I inadvertently saw the morning light on this small edge of the village blue painted house. This house is for sale.

On Friday, I went out late, and ended up close to home in the village of Cambridge.

   A tree cut captivated the scene, especially with the light on the inside.

                      #818  Pearl St.        7-22-16       10x8

The photos are not the right color as the light was waning, and as in the above photo just about everything you see is for sale.

       This is Thursday eve, I wanted green, I got it!

      #817   McCart Rd.   7-21-16      11x14

So that's three days from last week, As always thanks for reading my blog, feel free to comment or ask questions!

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