Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Adirondack week!

    We were at the Ball cabin on 6th lake, in Inlet, NY. last week. We had a busy week with wall-to-wall fun, family, friends, swimming, Nutty-Putty,  a little cabin repair and of course painting!  The weather was beautiful and there are times I wish it would never end, but now we are back home in Cambridge, NY, here is what I painted:

           #824  Back Bay (6th lake) Inlet, NY.     8-3-16    9x12

    This is right behind the cabin, the light shines on this spot in the morning, then again in the late afternoon, and shine it does, while much of the scene is in perfect shade.  Mostly I love the abstractness of the trees, and their reflections, nature has a pattern, a rhythm and a balance it is based on how it all works together and that is why I love to find these in nature where they are.

         This is Palmer's Point in 4th lake, and my subject for Thursday morning's paint.  I met up with the Mountain Air Painters, a terrific group of painters who gather to paint on Thursdays in and around Inlet, Old Forge and the Fulton chain of Lakes.

            #826  Palmer Point, 4th Lake.    8-4-16    16x14

          I should have a file: "When good scenes go bad", it would be filled with paintings like this: is it too complicated?  undercooked? trying too hard and failing?  maybe all of the above, often I'm challenged to return and try again, and maybe I,d be able to figure it out.

    At noon the group gathers, each introduces themselves and holds up their work, real casual, with a little socializing, nice.

                      This is the view of 6th Lake from the dock, the same day as Palmer's Point.

                        #827  View from Dock, 6th Lake, Inlet, NY.   8-4-16    12x16

                                                          The Dock!

                                          I went to Bubb Lake and found light on this rock.

                           #828  Bubb Lake, Eagle Bay NY     8-6-16      11x12

                                    #829  Beaver Pond (Hess) Inlet, NY.     8-6-16      12x9

    My camera (phone) died wile I was painting this, the view from the woods into the brightness of the pond and bog, I've wanted to try this scene for a while, but I'll return to it soon I hope.

                          #825   cloud study, 6th Lake.   8-3-16     6x8

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