Monday, August 22, 2016

Battenkill and Belle Rd. 5 days until Cambridge Valley Fine Art Tour!!!

    It's that time again, in less than 5 days: The Cambridge Valley Fine Art Tour!!!

    Click on link:

    Hope and I went to Newton to see my parents, Hope's grandparents! and we squeezed in a visit to The Fogg art museum of Harvard University, in the other Cambridge.  It was a lovely visit, I hadn't been to the Harvard Museums in ages, and there ware a lot of changes there, but the collection is amazing, and always more than you can take in at once.


                                Hope, Mom and Dad!

    So I had a few days away from painting, yesterday I ended up in a really nice spot, but didn't quite get it:

      I had driven past a lot of good scenes, and by the time I got to the bridge, and down the path to the water, then down along the river's edge, I got to a dead end, so I stopped. Sometimes the scene is a perfectly good one, but I can't get far enough back to actually see it.

       #837  Battenkill @ Shushan     8-21-16    12x11

       I also forgot my pallet knife.

       Today I went right to this spot. I didn't have it in mind, but there it was, when I drove by.  I had done this last year.

    #838  Belle Rd.     8-22-16      14x16

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