Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Civil war memorial, Hoosick Falls, NY, and a sales pitch?

     Yesterday was hot, humid and mostly cloudy,  as I drove out of the driveway, not knowing which way to go, I saw the last of the blue in the sky and followed, somehow and for some reason I ended up at the civil war monument on Classic and High streets in Hoosick Falls.  I've also been thinking a lot about trying to get my sales pitch going or whatever the hell that means.  There are a lot of people selling advice on getting these skills, and maybe they work.  Of course if they're artists and have found a way to sell their work, why are they selling sales pitches?


                 #834 Civil war memorial, Hoosick Falls, NY.      8-15-16      12x11

                 I've been liking lawns in sun and shadow and I found that, I also found the bright light on the green house, the statue was just an afterthought.

             I've been by this place thousands of times, but never stopped and the little triangle lawn, I presume is a park, but there is no sign to indicate that.

                                                              I'm not sure who this is!

       There are parts of this that look too illustrative for me, some places where the drawing is just not right (I don't mean the statue, it's not my subject).  I'm pretty confident I got the values to do what I wanted.......

     So if you want to buy a painting......... 

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