Monday, August 1, 2016

Four more, then up to camp!

     More changes are on their way, big as a whole, but broken down into smaller pieces it's OK. I'll be finishing my last windows, mostly for my health, and cleaning up my shop of that kind of work. I had wanted to phase it out, but stopping completely is the program. The good thing is that I can paint more! So while that has been happening, this week has had it's challenges, both inside the paint and outside as well.  Not my best work, but not bad.  The cleaned up space will give me room to do some new things and maybe branch out a little, until then.........

This week's work:

     #823  Galesville Cemetery, Greenwich, NY.     7-30-16

       #822  Hoosic River @ Eagle Bridge    7-29-16     12x16

      #821  County Route 59    7-27-16   12x16

      #820  County Route 61 @ Gannon Rd.   7-26-16   11x12

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