Sunday, August 14, 2016

Last week's work and some baby steps.

    We returned to Cambridge after a week on 6th Lake.  I installed the final window project, and started the long and arduous task of cleaning up my shop, reducing the carpentry area, and using the free space as a painting workshop.  I had to get the lead out, and stop working with it.  I've worked building things my whole life, mostly, and most recently, carpentry and window restoration. While I still have a long list of jobs I need to get done on the houses we own, it's a bit of a jump to try and fly without payed work, so we'll see how it goes.  I've learned a lot working with my hands everyday, and I've enjoyed the satisfaction of completing projects that my clients used and needed,  but it's time.

Monday August 8th:

                  This is W. Main St. looking west a few hundred feet from my house. it's late in the day. I didn't want to drive anywhere, and I liked the light off the building and the shadow on the road.  I think I'd like to come back and get this better.

                A few steps back, you can see where I'm standing.  Even I was surprised at how many cars went by,  a much different experience when standing so close the the road.

       #830  W. Main St.    8-8-16    8x10


      It's been hot and humid, I went out early evening to Champlain Canal Lock # 6 in Ft. Edward, NY. running along the Hudson River.  I've been here a number of times, and liked this particular view of the empty lock with the late sun on the pump house.

            #831  Lock #6 Ft. Edward, NY.      8-9-16       14x16

      The shadow of the tress and railing on the concrete wall of the lock was lovely, although next time I will be more sensitive to the irregularities of the tree.

            I was feeling like I was missing my friends at Salem Art Works, now with the exchange taking place in Salem, Germany, two short years ago, so it was nice to paint here.

            #832  SAW entrance, Salem, NY.         8-11-16      14x16

              I had intended to subject a different view from just about the same place, but took this view instead.  It offered the light and shade on a broad lawn, and some great foliage, but it also had the bright white off the side of the house on the left, couple of other houses, telephone poles, etc, and I'm pleased with the results.  Every once in a while a painting feels like it's working, I like that!


         It was hot, and humid, the sun was bright, so I drove around absolutely needing to find a shady spot, and a large shaded spot on a dirt road is the coolest place around.

             It was actually much darker that this looks.

         #833  Crandalls Corners Rd. Easton, NY.      8-12-16     9x12

               The Money Shot from Friday.  Altogether not terribly productive,  I had to go get Emma from camp, so Saturday was spent driving, then today was hot, cloudy and rainy, but the progress of cleaning out the shop was satisfying, and I'm motivated to get it done!

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