Saturday, September 3, 2016

Old Forge Paint out, 2 of 3 days.

  It's been an exciting (at least for me) two days, with the third here and ready to go.  I've met a lot of my fellow local painters and enjoyed their company and seeing their work.  So in the interest in moving along for the day I'll show some of the painting I've done in the first two days:

   Thursday September 1st, I got here mid afternoon, painted First lake in Old Forge by the Pied Piper ice cream stand.


           #842 First Lake, Old Forge, NY                      9-1-16                        11x14


                     Not wanting to be a slacker I thought I'd try my hand/eye at a nocturne, my 2nd, but the first was just in my backyard over a year ago, anyway, I thought the Strand Theater, beloved with it's independent and renegade soul would make a good evening subject.

            I had no idea what I was doing, but that's never stopped me before, brain surgery aside, I bought a couple of clip on lights and worked right off the back of the van, nobody was around, so it was easy.

               #843  S.R. 28, Old Forge, NY (Strand at night)                   9-1-16                       11x12     

       The next day, the regular group "Mountain air painter's" met at a private camp along the Moose River in Thendera, just South of Old Forge.  The owners graciously invited us to paint there, the group seems to find lots of great places I wouldn't normally even know of.

  The water was beautiful, but I chose to keep it in the distance, with the light and shadows on the lawn, trees and camp.

           #844  Moose River, Thendera, NY.                   9-2-16                                   9x12


                                      My set-up for the morning.

       Feeling compelled to climb, I re-organized my paint and hiked up to this spot, close to the fire tower on Bald Mt. with a view of First Lake.

         #845 View from Bald Mt.                         9-2-16                                      12x16

                                   Selfie with scene and painting.

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