Sunday, September 4, 2016

Slickers, an auction, another "Oh Well" moment.

       Last night the Plein-air paint out wound down and finished with an auction that benefited "The View", the regional art center that put the event on.  They had a display to show paintings for sale with a commission, but only a few of us brought work, and it seemed like an afterthought. So after seeing my donated painting fetch 1/2 the value of my work, I felt disappointed and short changed.  The auction brought a lot of money, but the artists don't see a penny of it, and the potential to sell is barely an afterthought.  I appreciate that the View puts the event together, they have a nice dinner, breakfast and to-go lunches, and everybody is very nice and appreciative, but the gathering of painters was organized by the Mountain air painters and they do that once a week for fun anyway.  The painting aspect of the event was irrelevant, it didn't matter what we painted, because they took existing work for the auction and the sale, if you want to be generous with it. There were no opportunities to show or see the paintings done during the three days of the paint out, and going to the auction was not an opportunity to hang and celebrate with my fellow painters.  So what we have is an arts organization that charters to support artists, but in reality it's the artists that are supporting the organization.  I probably should have figured this was the deal, no part of it was a surprise, but the aggregate of the whole is often hard to comprehend until experienced, and yes once again, I feel duped, participating in another hollow promise of an opportunity. Yes another "Oh Well"  moment.  I would like to add that the Mountain Air Painters are just an awesome bunch, and getting to know them and hang and paint with them has been great!  They have been welcoming and very generous with themselves, and I will meet up with them at every opportunity!

Before that I went to Old Forge and found this:

         This is State Route 28 and Lake view Ave.

      #846  S.R. 28 & Lakeview Ave. Old Forge, NY        9-3-16                      11x14

      The Money Shot. 

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