Monday, October 31, 2016

3 Days 3 paintings, breaking rules.

Today, clear and cold.


     I delivered paintings to both Saratoga Arts, and Southern Vermont Arts Center, both in opposite directions, then there was Halloween!

I couldn't pass up that shadow.

         #881  Outback                                             10-31-16                                                9x12

                                                            These are our jack-o-lanterns!

          This was yesterday, I went out and there was some sun, but the clouds came in later.

             #880  Battenkill @ Center Falls, NY                              1-10-16                      14x16

                                                              Ollie enjoys time at the river!

         As you know I've been converting my wood shop into a painting studio, mostly to have all in one location, that is gallery, framing, staging for shows, etc... But I also thought it would be nice to expand my repertoire, and on Saturday I did just that.  I wrote somewhere that I never copied my own work, use reference photos or painted something that wasn't in front of me.  I broke all those rules.  I thought I could improve on the plein air version, work on things in a controlled setting and "fix" things I didn't like. I also thought it would be good to have some larger paintings, and try and "distill" the image/composition.

                      This is my set up, I'm not sure if the photo was helping or not. I set up sight-size, if this even counts, so I could "transfer" the smaller to the larger, and proceed, at least in theory, as I would out of doors.

       This is very close to where I ended, although I guess I could go back into it. There were a lot of things to like about the painting, the shadows on the road, the shape of the tree cut, the far hills.  I'm liking the control obtainable for depicting the telephone poles, signs and tree trunks, but over all I feel it lacks the spontaneity that the plein air painting has, and along with it a sense of originality.  It looks worked, and yet the paint handling feels under cooked.

        #880 C.R. 59 @ South Rd.  (studio)                        10-30-16                             16x20

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