Tuesday, October 4, 2016

4 days on the farm

      I settled in to a week of staying close to home, and wandered the farm roads in and around Cambridge.

Thursday, September 22:

       #861  South Rd. @ CR 59                                          9-22-16                              9x12

        The farmer was plowing the recently reaped field but the impact on the land was too subtle to get in the painting.
Sunday, September 25:

                  I wandered around and found this on Carney-Cassidy Rd.


      #862  Carney-Cassidy Rd.                       9-25-16                                  11x14

                                                                      Another shadow selfie!

Monday, September 26:

       I found another field with the corn getting harvested, it was nestled in between a lawn and a treed hill, and it was off of Scotch Hill Rd.

         #863  Scotch Hill Rd.  Salem, NY.                     9-26-16                            14x16

 Tuesday, September 27:

          I wandered, like I do, and found this, the sun and shade on the lawn, and the back-lit barns.

    Part of the challenge is handling the brightness, when you and your canvas are in the shade, and handling the contrast is a challenge. I took the photo below when I got back and it's striking how much the color changes with the camera in different lighting.

       #864  McCray Rd.  Greenwich, NY.                         9-27-16                                11x12

     Almost caught up,  two more finish out September, then yesterday and today start October. Plus I'll have to photograph all the finished paintings of both August and September.  Thanks for reading my blog and following this serpentine path!

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