Thursday, October 6, 2016

A casino, a house, a cemetery and a bar.

A real diverse group of paintings over these four days, place always front and center, and that's just picking them and getting set up.  On Wednesday, September 28, I went to Saratoga to drop off the paintings (the one that one the award) and stayed in Congress Park and got a scene with the old casino.

    I liked the sun on the building with the shade on the lawn, a current obsession.

               #865  Congress Park, Saratoga Springs, NY.                    9-28-16                   11x12

         I found this on S. Union St, right here in Cambridge, NY.  I was buzzed about the award I got the night before!

       #866   S. Union St.                                  9-30-16                                     14x16

This house was just recently sold, it's a beautiful Greek revival, fully intact with an attached outhouse!

      I drove around aimlessly, way longer than I should have and ended up here, a stone's throw from our old house, on Nickmush Rd. in East Pittstown, yes, it's remote, and yes we had a lot of our lives here, Alane and I met here and Emma was born here.

          The light changed dramatically while I was there, not unusual on these big cloud days.

      This is the East Pittstown Cemetery, with it's original iron fence, it's spooky on a chilly late autumn night!

      #867  Abbott @ Nickmush Rd.  Pittstown, Rd.                 10-3-16                            11x12

      This is the Hoosic River along SR22 near SR7.  I've been by this spot many times, but usually on the road between home and New York or Boston, and I could see this sand bar from the road.

     I could park on the bar, no doubt it's underwater when the river rises.

         #868  Hoosic River on the sand bar, Hoosick, NY,              10-4-16                       8x10

    That,s four more! two more on the hopper ready to blog, but later.  Tomorrow starts the Landscapes for Landsake show,  so  that will be a lot of talking.......

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