Monday, October 3, 2016

A river, a church and a combine.

September 17, Saturday.

    This is the Charles River and the North Beacon St. bridge from Greenough Blvd. in Watertown, MA.  I was visiting my parents, and this is familiar territory to me.

            I liked the light in the arch of the bridge, which got more intense as the session proceeded.

     My start.

         #858 Charles River @ Greenough Blvd. Watertown, MA.        9-17-16        9x12

September 20, Tuesday.

    I was back in Cambridge, and at a familiar scene.

   My start.

    #859  N. Park St.                                       9-20-16                                             9x12

               I actually finished this on the 21st, but it was just a little tweaking, and the day was a carbon copy of Tuesday.  Right after that I went out and found something I had been looking for: a combine bringing in corn......

      I've been fascinated with this process for a while and how it shows the way the land looks, but it's difficult to get the right day with the right light, at the right exact spot.

    The machine moves pretty fast, while the trucks fill, then move on to be replaced by another.  I had to have a lot of the painting done, then quickly sketch in the truck and combine.

                   #860  Juniper Swamp Rd.                      9-21-16                     11x14

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