Thursday, October 27, 2016

New work at Amp Galleries, Saratoga Springs NY.

It snowed today, which totally made sense because I had to pack the van up with stacks of paintings and drive them over to Amp Galleries in Saratoga Springs, NY,

     AMP Galleries is in this building: 454 Broadway, the Saratoga Marketplace. Their web site:

               There are 14 framed paintings (2 not shown) and a short stack of unframed panels.  any painting is available with or without a frame.

                     This will be up thru February, and maybe longer, the hours are Monday-Saturday 11-6. Sundays 11-5.  If you are around, stop in.  If you want to meet me there send me a message on the contact widget above.  There will be events and I'll announce them here as they come up.

                     Thanks for reading my blog!

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